Sunday, April 20, 2014

     Sometimes, you fall off a cliff and there's nothing for you to hold on to. What's worse is if you didn't even realise that you were falling and you simply hit the ground. You might not have broken bones but you'd definitely feel the pain of the landing.
     I fell of a cliff without knowing. I didn't know I was falling. My mind never produced a branch or anything to stop me.
     It's ridiculous. I was so scared of falling. I was always so cautious. And yet at that very instance, I let go of my rules.
     Although I did hit the ground, I'm surprisingly happy. Maybe I knew that I was falling down. Maybe I wanted to, finally.
     Let's see.

Monday, April 14, 2014

The Vague Tales: The Omnificent

     Her tales of fantasy have not yet reached your palms. Your eyes have not yet seen the world that this eccentric omnificent has created.
     Her eyes are full of wonder. It is filled with the richest of mountains and the darkest of forests. Her world consisted of monsters and dwarfs and magic. But her tales are yet to be told.

One afternoon, an image appeared before her. Her eyes shot wide and her heart began pumping loudly. She saw what she was capable of. She was staring right at her lost creation.
     Her work was beautiful and indestructible. It bared a face of majestic light. It was clothed in white sheets that went down to its feet. Its hair glistened in the light. The omnificent was enchanted by its grace.
     She took a step closer. Oh, did she dare.
     A loud gasp escaped her. The creature was no stranger at all. She has dealt with this familiar face. Her once tragic heroine from a far away world, was now the queen of another.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I Am Not Insane

"I try to create sympathy for my characters, then turn the monsters loose."
-Stephen King
     It's funny how I often think about what I have done to the people that I have created and end up with tears running down my cheeks. Sometimes I think of myself a s a monster who's obsessed with death and continuously try to make an innocent person's life horrifically disastrous that in the end, they just sit there, staring out their windows, trying to figure out what the heck has happened. Maybe half a smile will appear, paired with two great rivers that will soon flood the room.
     Sometimes I think about the possible outcomes or scenarios if my tales were told. Everyone will say that I have committed a crime. But they don't know that I empathize with these shapeless people. And so I am left here, alone and staring out into the galaxies. I watch as the constellations move and recreate what I have done. They move as if they know these scenarios inside and out. They move so slowly, yet often fast. My eyes would eventually give up and I'd find myself swimming in a vast pool of unforgivable thoughts.
     Tell me, is it strange that I cry over my stories? Is it vain? Is it strange that these tales are incredibly dear to me? Is it that strange?

Monday, March 31, 2014


This was suppose to be located on the forehead. I need to work on the colour and the blood. Someone suggested corn syrup, red and very little brown food colouring.
     This is it. It's happening. I'm making my first short film.
     I've gathered a wonderful crew and I have found the perfect actors I'm about to send out the final scripts and we are almost moving on to the actual production day. I just have to work on the equipment (and music, to be honest). But all in all, everything is good.
     The film will be released either in YouTube or Vimeo (My Vimeo account is relatively new) OR both. It, as well, will be posted here, on my blog (embedded from the website/s). There is no exact release date so far although I will be updating about it.
     I am incredibly excited about this project. I do hope that the audience will enjoy the film. But if not, then I will learn from it.
     I still can't discuss a lot about it although I guess it's safe to say that it involves the photo above. There will be more photos to come and a trailer, as well.
     There isn't much to say right now but there will be many once we start production.
     Wish me luck!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Creative Crisis | TimH

I thought that this was something that I should share.

Divergent Movie Review (No Spoilers)

Source: (x)

     Divergent—one of the best book-to-movie adaptations I have ever seen.
     I'm a big fan of the book (by Veronica Roth) and now, the movie. The cast and production team did a great job. Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Kate Winslet, and all rest did an amazing work with portraying their characters. I love the camera angels, the narrations, the soundtrack, everything.
     Although this isn't a 6-hour movie with each and every detail from the book, it's still amazing. It's Divergent. It's not another story. It's Divergent.
     This is a must-see movie. If you haven't read the book, go grab a copy. Do it. Do it now. This isn't just another action-romance movie. It's thrilling, exciting, and your eyes will definitely be glued to screen.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Poison, I See

Our Romeo and Juliet, on Juliet's last speech.
     I am incredibly happy and pleased with our cast and crew. Although some might need a bit more improvements both on acting and punctuality (which includes me since I'm always late), most of them are getting it.
     I have got a lot on mind for the play. I've been taking notes and listening to comments about where and what areas should we improve. It's all great. But there's one thing that terrifies me; the play is on Monday, March 10, 2014. Shit.
     Pardon the profanity but that is what I wrote on my planner, "ROMEO AND JULIET TODAY. Shit."
     Whilst some of us are excited for the big day, writing with pens of different colours on post-its, I am beginning to get scared. I am terrified. I am nervous. I am very nervous.
     I mean, yes, I am happy about the performance of our cast and crew but we haven't really polished it yet. We will be VERY busy this week. VERY.
     Well, I know that we can do this. Win or lose, we're still a great team and we did our very best (did I mention that it was a competition?). There's this bond between us. It's quite fascinating, really. Anyway, sportsmanship. That is what's important.
     Oh well. Let's see.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Meeting The Ol' Lonely Swing

From February 2, 2014
     Everything has been fine.
     I leveled up as the director for our Shakespearean play which is Romeo and Juliet. I've got a lot of ideas for the play although I'm afraid I might not going be able to incorporate them all. I mean, all we have is 30 minutes to present the play. I've decided to remove some things and simply have the narrator tell what happened next in brief so that the audience could still understand the story. Great, another rewrite.
     Although I'm a bit depressed about the damn time limit (we have to make a two hour play into a 30-minute one), I'm still satisfied with some of the actors' performances. Yes, some might need some work but a lot of them are doing real great. The thing that we have to work out the most is the chemistry between our Romeo and Juliet. The chemistry is there, but it's subtle. I'm going to try to find ways to make them look as if they really are quite in love.
     As of now, I stick with the belief that it only takes the right timing, the right stare and the right smile to create that certain spark.
     Let's see, let's see.

Sunday, February 16, 2014


"Parting is such sweet sorrow"
     I was originally assigned to write the script for our Romeo and Juliet play (we're going to have our Shakespearean plays soon). But I leveled up to Assistant Director and Stage Manager. I mean, I still am the scriptwriter but you know what? Although I didn't get the chance to be reigned as director for our play, it's quite satisfying. I'm fine with my position. Just one step at a time... sort of. In my case, it's three steps at a time since I'm--yeah.
     I don't know. I guess that sometimes, almost is actually enough.
     Or more than enough, really.